With Autumn's Return

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ISBN 978-08007-3461-9

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With Autumn's Return:
The Story Behind the Story

When I started planning the Westward Winds books, I knew that Abigail's story would take place in Fort Laramie and that Charlotte would move to Cheyenne. Originally, I had envisioned Elizabeth's story being set somewhere else in Wyoming, but where? The more research I did on Cheyenne and the more I thought about Elizabeth, the more convinced I became that her story had to take place in the capitol city.

1887 was an exciting year in Cheyenne. Not only did it see Sarah Bernhardt performing at the Opera House, but it marked the completion of the new Union Pacific depot. (That's the building you see as the cover background.) The new capitol was under construction, and although the cattle barons' fortunes had declined, Cheyenne was still a vibrant city and home to a wide variety of people. It was the perfect place for Elizabeth to open her medical practice, or so she thought.

And, if that wasn't enough reason to give the book a Cheyenne setting, there was the fact that Elizabeth missed her sisters. Knowing that Charlotte and her husband were permanent residents of Cheyenne and that Abigail and her husband planned to make it their home, where else would Elizabeth want to be?

I hope you'll join Elizabeth for her adventures in the city that boasted electric lights, the only opera house west of the Mississippi and one of the finest hotels in the country, not to mention a cast of characters, some of whom you wouldn't want to meet on a dark street.