A Borrowed Dream

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A Borrowed Dream: The Story Behind the Story

Do you ever wonder why authors choose particular occupations for their characters?

If you've read my Westward Winds series, particularly With Autumn's Return, you know that I'm interested in nineteenth century medicine, especially the advances that occurred when the horrors of what was called Heroic Medicine (techniques like bleeding and purging) were replaced by more modern theories such as cleanliness. I still shudder when I think about those leeches, not to mention the bleeding cups!

Since I'd already created a heroine who was a doctor (Elizabeth in With Autumn's Return), I didn't want to repeat that. That would be boring for you and for me. Instead, I decided to pair a woman who's seen just how barbaric Heroic Medicine can be and who has a justifiable mistrust of all physicians with a highly skilled surgeon. You can imagine the conflict that caused.

To further complicate matters, I gave my hero a compelling reason for hiding the fact that he's a doctor, then put him in the middle of situations where his medical skills were needed.

I hope you'll enjoy the result.