In Firefly Valley

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ISBN 978-08007-3435-0

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In Firefly Valley:
The Story Behind the Story

One of the questions I'm asked most often is where I get the ideas for my stories. The answer is "almost anywhere." But even though individual story ideas can be inspired by almost anything, many of my books have a common theme: healing. That's because I believe it's important to show how God's love can and does heal even the worst of hurts.

Marisa, the heroine of In Firefly Valley, has two major things that need healing. The first is easy to identify: she's been downsized. As someone who was once downsized, I had no trouble knowing how Marisa would react. The second is more difficult: her troubled relationship with her father. I've never been in Marisa's situation, but I drew from the memories of a family friend who went through an experience similar to Marisa's. Once I started asking "what if?" before I knew it, I had a book.