A Stolen Heart

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ISBN 978-0800727567

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A Stolen Heart: The Story Behind the Story

Secrets. We all have them. Some are small; others are big. What they have in common is that we don't want anyone -- and I mean anyone -- to know them.

When I started plotting the Cimarron Creek trilogy, I knew there would be one large secret that spans the three books, but I also knew there would be a number of smaller ones, because we all have secrets, and when they're revealed, there are often unexpected consequences.

Since this is a new series set in a new town in the Texas Hill Country, my first challenge was to develop that town. Once I understood its history and saw the dynamics between its founding families, I started asking myself what would bring outsiders to Cimarron Creek and why they might stay, even when they weren't offered a normal Texas welcome. The answers surprised me. They also resulted in a new set of questions.

Those are some of the questions Lydia, the heroine of A Stolen Heart, has to answer. Some answers come easily, others don't, but they all lead Lydia into the greatest adventure of her life, an adventure that just might end with love.

I hope reading Lydia's story brings you as much pleasure as writing it brought me.