With Autumn's Return

Revell Books
ISBN 978-08007-3461-9

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With Autumn's Return Reviews

Every author loves it when her books garner praise, and so I'm delighted to share the following with you.

Readers will discover a number of surprises in this story of romance, laughter and misconceptions. The characters are well rounded; they seem like real people rather than fictional characters. Cabot's research on the struggles of female doctors in the late 1880s is extensive, but it does not overwhelm the storyline.
**** (Compelling, A Page-Turner)

Patsy Glans for RT BOOKReviews  

The third book in Cabot's Westward Winds trilogy finds newly minted physician Elizabeth Harding in Cheyenne, setting up her practice in June 1887. Abundant subplots bring lots of historical details into the mix, including the dangerous patent medicines of the time. This gentle romance has appeal for more than the intended Christian romance audience.

Diana Tixier Herald for Booklist